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Choosing the best credit card, among hundreds of options in Mexico, is not an easy task. Especially when all banks are bombarding you with their advertising everywhere and calling you on the phone to convince you that they are the best option.

It would be impossible to say that a credit card is the best of all, or even that one is better than another, since there is simply no perfect card.

Choosing the best credit card for you depends specifically on your profile and your needs. In this article we tell you the factors and characteristics that you have to take into account to make sure you choose the ideal credit card specifically for you.


Interest rate

Interest rate

Many times we think that the best credit card is the one with the lowest interest rate and, although it is a very important factor, it is not true in all cases.

If you are a totalero, that is, you make the payment to not generate interest every month (as we all should do it!), Then the interest rate should not be such a relevant factor for you.

Choosing a credit card, being a totalero, allows you to focus mainly on the benefits, the use you want to give the card and other costs.

In case you are not a totalero, this should definitely be the most important factor for you. If you are not a totalero look for the card with the lowest interest rate (and, of course, try to become a totalero as soon as possible)


Annuity and other commissions

Annuity and other commissions

The interest rate is not the only cost associated with a credit card. The vast majority of cards charge other fees.

The annuity is the most common of them and is basically a fee, charged once a year, for the simple fact of having the credit card. The cost of the annuity is generally related to the type of credit card (being the classic cards the ones that charge the lowest annuity and the gold and platinum generally the highest) and with the benefits that it grants (as a general rule we could say that the higher number of benefits offered, the annuity will be higher).

Other types of commissions that you must take into account are: late payment commissions, cash disposal commissions or any type of insurance that you want to include on your card. Always check the cost list for each card you are thinking of purchasing!

The ideal, of course, is always to pay as little as possible. Although in some cases it may be attractive for you to pay higher commissions in exchange for obtaining benefits that are useful and attractive to you.
Some other cards offer to eliminate the annuity if you make at least one purchase per month or if you spend a set minimum, this is a good option you can consider!


Rewards and benefits programs

Rewards and benefits programs

It is important that we take advantage of our credit cards (and not let them take advantage of us!). To become more attractive, almost all cards are accompanied by a rewards program and other benefits. Most of the rewards programs are designed to give you back a percentage of each purchase you make, some do it through points programs that you can later use to buy in establishments or on banks own platforms or some others literally return you a percentage of your purchases through an electronic wallet.

Other important benefits offered by some cards are access to VIP lounges at airports, free transportation to or from the airport, free insurance and concierge service. If you travel a lot, these could be attractive benefits for you. If on the contrary, you do not travel much, we recommend you not to take them much into account.

In addition, some other cards allow you to transfer purchases to months without interest or give you benefits when shopping online.

The important thing is that you identify which benefits are the most attractive and most useful for you and that you look for the card that offers them to you and, of course, when obtaining them, get the most out of them!



loan Convenience

This factor depends a lot on the way each person has to use their card. For example, if you are someone who pays your card using cash, it is important to consider the amount of points the bank offers you to make payments, how uncomfortable it would be to have to struggle to pay your card!

If, for example, you are someone who prefers to constantly review your purchases, movements and the status of your card, it is important to look for a bank that offers you a good digital platform, on the internet or by mobile application, in order to do so.
The key is to find the card that will offer you the tools and features you need to avoid complications.



credit Security

More and more people use our credit cards to buy online. Knowing that there are some risks associated with this type of purchase (and, in many cases, also with purchases in stores), looking for a card that offers us security tools is important. Some credit cards allow you, from a mobile application, to turn your card on or off when you decide or even generate a temporary credit card (associated with your physical card) to make purchases online. This type of tools will prevent headaches!

As we commented previously, choosing a credit card is a unique exercise for each person. We all have different needs and requirements and everyone will use it for different purposes. Having to choose between different cards, take into account the different factors that we explain and based on that choose the one that will be the best credit card specifically for you. Some platforms such as Corpu , can help you find cards that line up with the features you are looking for faster.

They Develop Applications for Iphone Thanks To a Loan Sat, 01 Jun 2019 16:58:00 +0000

Two women and two ideas, the desire to try to do entrepreneurship and a social and economic fabric, that of the Marche region, favorable: they are the ingredients of a business history born and grown thanks to a funding from the province for the creation of companies in the axis of adaptability.
It is the story of a success in obtaining an economic support (a non-repayable loan to be precise) which is following a success in commercial and technical application development for Iphone (and soon also for other smartphones with symbian, android and other operating systems) that simplify everyday life and save us time and effort in everyday tasks.
We met Sara and Maghi, the architects of this project, passionate about technology, attentive to the needs of ordinary people but also the busiest businessmen.


The idea


The idea

Q : What was your business idea and what budget did you need?
A : Our business idea was to fill in some gaps in the world of smartphone apps, gaps that happen to match users’ desires and so we simply tried to put together the knowledge of the technologies we have for passion , with the problems we have in everyday life; intertwining these two variables, different possible applications are coming out, for now we have created and marketed two.

They tell us about Trovapark and W&B, WAIT & BUSINESS. The first is an application that allows you to quickly find parking for your car thanks to the signaling of those who are releasing it. Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, those who leave a car park report that they are leaving and transmit the gps coordinates of the free place to those who were in the area looking for a space to park in turn.
The second is a service for all those who travel a lot for work and have dead times, for example, at the airport. Thanks to W&B during these moments all those who have the open application signal to each other their presence and willingness to meet to discuss business, evaluate profitable ideas, exchange advice.
The budget needed to build and market the two products was 30,000 euros.


The financing


The financing

Q : Who did you turn to for funding?
A : We contacted a Start-Up business consultant, but in our team we have a Business Plan expert. The consultant has informed us of a provincial call for bids which provided up to 25,000.00 euros in grants for the creation of companies in the axis of adaptability. With the Banks we have not tried since our project came first among about 300 presented, of which few were financed. Here the mixture of luck to come from the consultant won just as they were opening a call for tenders and that of having a well-done Business Plan for which it was easy to insert it into the system of the province.


Key points of success


Key points of success

Q : What, in your opinion, are the key elements that allowed you to obtain the financing?
A : The elements that allowed us to obtain the financing are:
– the idea
– the province in which we live that has been attentive to projects and ideas
– the excellent dialogue with the financing consultant that has improved the “home-made business plan” (although I believe that being able to get a business plan is fundamental to understanding the future development of your idea, so here if I can afford a tip, never have it done by a third party, but actively participate in its training step by step)
– the overall competence of the team we have decided to work with … we need too many skills to be appreciated in this context, in addition to ideas: we need technical knowledge on technologies, commercials on marketing and web-marketing, on financing .


Rental real estate investment for everyone! Wed, 15 May 2019 16:00:31 +0000 In this article, we will focus on the real estate investment market and more specifically the crowdfunding market, which breaks down into two distinct branches and aims to revolutionize investment in stone by democratizing access.

Real estate investment and its accessibility

Real estate investment has always been the preferred placement of the French and for good reason, it combines security and profitability. But here, despite remarkably low borrowing rates, the investment in stone is only accessible to a minority of French, because the brakes and the obstacles are of size:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Insufficient financial capacity
  • Placement too time-consuming

 Opens the doors of investment

The real estate breaks down into two branches, corresponding to the investor’s personal motivations:

Attractiveness of a good transaction by fluctuating a loan capital to a promoter (short term).

The desire to invest sustainably in real estate and to build the heritage (long term).

  • Loan to a promoter (short term)

This first branch of real estate is to put yourself in the shoes of a banker by lending against capital interest to a real estate developer.

When a promoter wishes to build a program, its assembly consists of a percentage of the total amount of the operation in equity and the remainder in relying on a banking partner. This partner will be replaced in part by investors in the crowdfunding platform.

Once the commercialization is over, investors will recover their paid capital. It should be remembered that delays in delivery can lead to a drop in the interest rate attributed to investors. Among the platforms that are present in this niche we find Lymo, Wiseed …

  • Rental real estate (long term)

This model, however, is totally different since it requires a more patrimonial vision than the first one.

The goal here is to buy a real estate property to share the rents. The platform takes care of everything! From property selection to rental management, investors can simply follow their investments online on their computer or smartphone.

In the event of resale, an investor will have to propose in priority his shares to his associates before being able to propose them to his friends or his family. If the investor’s units do not find a buyer, the platform can buy and redeem the investor’s shares.

However, only the Dividom platform, which ranks first among the platforms present on this market, offers this type of redemption.

On the side of legislation

There are several statutes that aim to frame the activity of crowdfunding dedicated to real estate. These statutes are intended to regulate crowdfunding and its specificities.

For equity platforms:

  • Status of CIP (Participatory Investment Advisor)

This status concerns crowdfunding in the form of equity securities and debt securities defined by decree. The total amount of a project can not exceed € 1,000,000 and investments are made through shares of SA, SAS and SCCV.

  • PSI status (investment service providers)

This status requires the approval of the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and is issued by the Prudential Supervisory Authority (ACPR). The amount of a project exceeds 1,000,000 euros and investments are also offered via shares of SAS, SA and SCCV.

Types of Loans Sat, 04 May 2019 16:47:14 +0000


There are many types of loans. This is because those who come to a bank or finance company asking for credit can have the most disparate needs, can be in economic or social conditions that help them or prevent them from having easy access to credit. At the same time, regardless of this factor, there are specific forms of loan for activities carried out or for required guarantees. 


Loan with a fixed-term contract

Getting a loan when working with a fixed-term contract is not simple, the amounts that can be obtained are limited and often collateral guarantees are required. But something can be done … go to the article

Loan with ignition of mortgage on the car. Benefits and, above all, defects of a very rare form of credit
In the editorial office we often receive requests from users about the possibility and availability of personal loans obtained through the mortgage of a car. The reasons for this request are the need to find guarantees to obtain.

Loan on pledge

Loan on pledge

The loan on pawn is a form of financing for which the guarantee of payment is represented by an object of value (jewels, precious stones, watches). These are loans that are generally quite small but have … go to the article

Installment and duration of a 100,000 euro loan
Borrowing € 100,000 is only possible with very solid guarantees. These guarantees are mainly or the payslip showing, in addition to the income sufficient to pay the loan installment, the existence of a temporary work contract … go to the article

Installment and duration of a loan of 50,000 euros
A decidedly superior car but also a renovation of a property or the purchase of a camper for the holidays. All important expenses that can be made with a loan of 50,000 euros. For loans of this size are clearly.

Small and Medium Sized Business Loans Mon, 08 Apr 2019 14:33:30 +0000

Our financial consulting firm specializes in unsecured loans for businesses to support capital for businesses in the business process. With bank interest rates, simple procedure records, fast disbursement time of the day. See for further editorial

Corporate trust lending is an effective solution for businesses that have not found an investor or a source of capital. For small and medium enterprises, whether newly established or long-established, it is always a very difficult problem. It is not easy to borrow money from banks. This is something that every business owner feels headache when thinking about.

There is a fact that we have to admit that many businesses cannot access bank loans. Short operation time, small production scale, no outstanding revenue. Besides, collateral is not available, what to do, what to take to mortgage. Therefore, our private financial institution was born to support you.

Simple fast loan procedure

Simple fast loan procedure

Procedures on your side only need customers to provide 1 of the following documents:

  • ID card and household registration book.
  • Long-term business registration license of the enterprise.
  • Mortgaged assets (if any).
  • Documents proving legal ownership of security assets (if any).
  • Request for a loan and a plan for repayment.

If only one of the above documents is provided, you will be consulted to support the loan during the day with the bank interest rate. All originals or photocopies are acceptable. View and compare completed documents we will return to you immediately. Do not keep any of your original documents. This helps secure your personal information as well as your fast loan records.

Outstanding advantages of unsecured loans for businesses

Outstanding advantages of unsecured loans for businesses

  • Enterprises can be supported with loans of up to billions of VND / customer. Long-term payments without mortgage of a business license or any collateral.
  • Simple loan procedure, fast disbursement time within 30 minutes at least 2 hours. After completing the loan, you have the right to receive cash or transfer. It’s so easy and convenient.
  • Pay installments flexibly daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Competitive preferential interest rates for businesses.
  • Convenient lending service, frequency service, on-site, free advice if you need it.

It is normal to lend money to individuals. But for businesses, they must provide large amounts of money. Yes – please rest assured about your finances. Just pick up the phone to call the hotline with me all the difficulties of the company, you will be resolved. We will be a companion for the time when your business is facing difficulties in capital, need to mobilize capital to develop business.

Subjects, conditions for borrowing low interest rates

Subjects, conditions for borrowing low interest rates

  • Customers are business owners, company owners, business owners.
  • Living and working in Ho Chi Minh City. Age between 22 and under 65 years old.
  • Responsible for Criminal, responsible for his behavior.
  • Not violating Vietnamese law.

Quick disbursement time of the day, if you need urgent money, we will disburse at the request of customers. Within 30 minutes and no later than 2 hours your application will be processed, receive cash immediately in hand. If you do not want to receive cash, you will transfer it to your bank account. All transactions, payment methods are in VND.

Lending rates are very attractive

Lending rates are very attractive

How fast is high or low interest rates, is what many businesses are most interested in borrowing from outside. Although my side is a private hot money lending company in Ho Chi Minh City, but lends at the bank interest rate, the most competitive today. We understand the difficulties of your business now, needing capital to do business. So we will make it easier for you to borrow on installments. Forms of appraisal only through loudspeakers are form and paperless. Preferential interest rates for businesses are as follows:

  • Lowest interest rate: 5.5% / year.
  • Highest loan interest rate: 7% / year.
  • Shortest loan period: 61 days.
  • The longest loan period: 365 days.

Unlimited loan limit

Unlimited loan limit

The loan limit is up to billions of VND per customer, as well as a simple appraisal process that will help your business get capital quickly. Loan limit is as follows:

  • From VND 50 million to VND 100 million.
  • From VND 100 million to VND 300 million.
  • From 300 million to 500 million.
  • From VND 500 million to VND 5 billion.

Even the amount will be unlimited if customers have demand. When you need a bigger loan, please take the initiative to contact me in advance with your hot loan consultant. There will be preferential interest rates for corporate customers.

There are many reasons for businesses to borrow low-interest loans, which are loans to pay salaries – employees. Loans to pay for orders that have just been imported. Quick loans to invest in equipment to serve production. Or need to mobilize capital to cover the costs to be paid within the company. There are many reasons for you to borrow cash.

Area for fast loan support in HCMC

Area for fast loan support in HCMC

Your financial company has a variety of loan products, very simple and quick loan procedures. Hot loan services support all small and medium businesses who are stationing across the districts of HCMC. 

This is a installment loan package. You do not require collateral for collateral because not everyone has assets to mortgage or mortgage. No requirement You must prove your income ability. Only you are responsible for your loan. Guaranteed loan is available as in the contract signed with customers.

Associated with the State Bank

Associated with the State Bank

As one of the private financial lenders. We have a range of unsecured loans and quick disbursements during the day that customers can choose to pay. Customers can choose long-term, medium-term or short-term contribution time. My side is offering loan packages within 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months. The higher the loan amount, the longer your repayment period will be.

Flexible forms of payment


Depending on the income, the financial ability of the business that you choose to pay for is suitable:

  • Loan for daily installments.
  • Weekly loan.
  • Pay by month.
  • Stand up. Businesses only pay the interest rate, while the principal when there is a payment to your party once. Help small and medium enterprises unable to pay once to be paid gradually.

Priority is given to provincial household clients

Priority is given to provincial household clients

Currently, the company has expanded its branch to support unsecured loans for businesses across the country. Stretching North – Central – South, each branch has from 3 to 4 representative offices. Each representative office has a 24-hour online specialist to support whenever you need a loan. So, you are a business owner wherever you are in the following provinces, you can support fast loans.

Working time

Working time

We work from 7 am to 10:30 pm daily from Monday to Sunday. Including holidays, Lunar New Year. The team of excellent consultants, large and professional. Being trained at famous universities at home and abroad. Cheerful, dedicated to the profession, dedicated, listen to capture customer psychology. Understand all packages for fast loans, quick loans, hot loans, and installment loans.

Depending on the conditions, circumstances and needs of each enterprise. Your specialist will analyze and guide you to choose suitable loan packages with low interest rates. Anything else, please pick up the phone and call me right away. Or just leave a feedback right below, after 5 minutes the counselor will call back and support you.

Last time, our company always actively promoted measures to support businesses to access loans. Offering mortgage packages, borrowing low interest rates to serve the needs of production and business capital, the life of businesses and the community. The results have received positive response from many customers. With a huge amount of disbursements for loans up to billions of dong. Not only customers in Ho Chi Minh City but also businesses outside the province contact to get loans from them. On behalf of the Board of Directors, the company would like to express our sincere thanks to the near and far customers for their trust and support.

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Loan for Litigation Costs – with a Small Monthly Payment Thanks to a Long Maturity Wed, 27 Feb 2019 11:06:09 +0000 A loan for legal costs is sought when it comes to a lawsuit for money. Contracts or obligations do not always run smoothly.

Even if one is in the right, this can often be clarified only through a lawsuit. In the process, legal costs often arise for a plaintiff.

The loan for legal costs – the problem

The loan for legal costs - the problem

Those who are in the right and the other shows no insight, it often comes to a lawsuit. There is still a problem and these are the process costs. A plaintiff can assume that the higher the amount in dispute, the more lengthy and expensive the process will be.

Although the law may be on the side of the plaintiff, he often does not have the financial means to do justice in a lawsuit. Therefore, plaintiffs should seek to do so in a timely manner and determine how high the costs are and seek appropriate funding.

Affected can be calculated with a court cost calculator they find on the Internet, the amount of the value in dispute. Although the cost of a lawyer will vary slightly, but you can get a good overview.

The loan for legal costs – helps a legal aid

The loan for legal costs - helps a legal aid

If you want to get your rights, you often can not afford a lawyer. Here the legal aid can step in, the costs are then paid by the state. However, there remains a risk who loses the process, who must also pay the costs of the other side.

The court decides not only in the matter, but also in the assumption of costs. It is decided between legal fees and court costs. If a party receives legal aid without installment payments, the state will pay the court costs as well as the cost of a lawyer.

If the case is lost, the plaintiff remains exempt from the lawyer’s fees but has to pay the costs of the other party. But if the process is lost, the plaintiff must pay all costs. This is often only feasible if a loan for litigation costs is taken.

The loan for legal costs – find the right lender

The loan for legal costs - find the right lender

Whoever loses a lawsuit and keeps his money, often only helps to get out of the matter. However, the customer must be able to meet the conditions of the banks.

The loan seeker can visit his house bank and apply for a installment loan there. He does not have to specify a purpose. He pays the installment loan at constant monthly installments. In order to obtain a loan, however, sufficient income must be available to show that it has an attachable portion. In addition, the private credit must be clean, it must not contain negative entries.

The income should come from a permanent job that is not temporary. If the credit offer of the house bank is not satisfactory, the loan seeker can also look at the online banks for a loan.

The loan for legal costs – with the loan comparison to the best provider

The loan for legal costs - with the loan comparison to the best provider

The credit comparison can be made on the internet. You simply enter the loan amount and the desired term. Immediately, the amount of credit is visible and the interest rate.

But the interest rate is not relevant for all customers. The displayed interest rate is for customers with a flawless credit rating. Customers only learn their own interest rate when making a personal loan offer. As for the rate, this should be chosen to fit the monthly budget.

Even if the bank wants to make tasty that the loan is paid faster with a short term, customers should consider carefully whether they can pay the higher installments.

The loan for legal costs – to check the financial position

The loan for legal costs - to check the financial position

Before a loan is applied for, a revenue / expenditure plan should be drawn up. All revenues are offset against the expenses. There should be a balance left on this balance sheet that can be taken as a loan installment.

However, not all the remaining balance should be used for a loan installment, only part of it. It should always be a small financial buffer for unexpected purchases and repairs.

The loan for process costs – special conditions are important

The loan for process costs - special conditions are important

Many customers only see a cheap loan if they have a good interest rate. But that is not correct, a favorable and flexible credit should have priority. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to special conditions.

These must be explicitly anchored in the loan agreement. This is very important, especially for employees who can expect additional payments during the year and thus be able to pay their credit faster. If no special repayments have been agreed, the transaction can not be carried out or it will be charged. Also, one or two installment breaks should be noted in the loan agreement.

Loans are usually paid over several years, which can bring one or the other financial shortage. Rate breaks could be helpful.

The loan for legal costs – the charged private credit

The loan for legal costs - the charged private credit

If you ask for a loan, you should have a clean private credit. German banks are required to check the private credit with each loan application. If there are negative entries in it, the loan is rejected.

Because the burdened private credit signals to the bank that it had come in the past to payment difficulties. Customers who need a loan for litigation costs could then switch to non-private credit loans.

Previously, these loans were known under the name Swiss Credit, today the funds come from a bank in Liechtenstein. The private creditfreie credit is a standardized loan, because only three loan amounts are offered. For each loan amount, another income is required and a certain length of permanent employment.

The loan for legal costs – the mediation

The loan for legal costs - the mediation

The private creditfreien loans are applied for through a loan intermediation. Here it is important to ensure that a reputable credit intermediary is commissioned.

Under no circumstances should pre-payments be paid or an insurance contract concluded. Reputable exchanges strive to obtain a tailored loan for the customer. But then agency fees are due.

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7500 Euro Loan Without Private Credit – Directly from the Bank Sat, 19 Jan 2019 11:14:16 +0000

A 7500 euro credit without Private credit can not be found simply at a German bank. Unfortunately, these do not renounce the query of Private credit. has examples

There are excellent offers from abroad, which should definitely be considered. They provide the financial relief associated with the loan.

Why without Private credit?

Why without Private credit?

Anyone looking for a loan without the query of Private credit always has something to hide. As a rule, these are debts that have already had a negative impact on the Private credit. The idea of ​​using a loan to eliminate the debt is not new.

However, this step does not always succeed. Because debt repayment requires a lot of discipline. In addition, a decent income must be available.

Are there any loan offers in Germany?

Are there any loan offers in Germany?

In Germany it is relatively difficult to borrow 7500 Euro without Private credit. The traditional banks would only grant the loan if there is a second solvent borrower. And the loan portals, where private investors finance loans, now also look very closely to who they lend money.

A negative Private credit is also not very gladly seen, as this is always a high risk of default. Therefore, it may be worthwhile thinking about borrowing abroad. There, the Private credit is not queried, because the banks can not rely on the data of the institution.

What does foreign countries offer?

What does foreign countries offer?

You hear again and again about Swiss credit, which should be ideally suited if the Private credit is negative and the credit rating is weak. In the end, however, this classic Swiss loan does not exist. The term merely serves as a synonym for foreign loans, which also work for a negative Private credit.

The best point of contact for a € 7,500 loan without Private credit is currently Soulcredit bank in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The bank has a long tradition and specializes in foreign loans. 7500 Euro is the maximum amount that is given there as a loan.

The special feature of Soulcredit bank is not just its seriousness. It is the fact that all matters relating to the possible credit are already fixed in advance. The borrower knows before the application that the repayment will take 40 months, the monthly installment is 225.30 euros and the first installment payment must be made within the next month after contract conclusion. With this information in the luggage other possible offers can be evaluated.

Without cost and without hidden costs

Without cost and without hidden costs

Loans without Private credit are in our time still the profession of dubious providers who try to pull people out of their pockets. This means that not every offer, what can be found in this respect, should be considered serious and worthwhile. Credit intermediaries would like a prepayment, which is sometimes hidden in the insurance.

Since many consumers do not understand these machinations and therefore can not distinguish between good and evil, the 7500 euro loan without Private credit should generally not be received through an intermediary.

The regular way is always the direct way. No matter if this direction leads abroad or to one of the credit portals. Anyone who makes direct contact with the lenders will not only save the initial costs, but can also see for themselves whether hidden costs can be found somewhere. However, reputable providers will not have them, so good credit offers can be expected on fair terms.

7500 Euro credit without Private credit – admission

7500 Euro credit without Private credit - admission

Nobody needs to travel abroad to receive a € 7500 loan without Private credit. It is also not necessary to order the loan through an intermediary. This would only cause unnecessary costs and delay the taking up of the loan.

For example, if the 7500 euro loan without Private credit is to be taken up at the Soulcredit bank in Liechtenstein, this can easily be done via the internet. The bank has a website that not only contains all information about the loan offers.

She also provides all the forms that are necessary for the application. These must be completed and sent to the bank. The examination of the documents takes a few days. If the loan is granted, the disbursement of the money is discreetly made to the current account of the borrower.

The following documents should be kept available for taking up the loan:

  • proof of income
  • employment contract
  • ID card or passport
  • Fixed address in Germany
  • German bank account

This must be respected

A 7500 euro loan without Private credit is not taken up without reason. For whoever seeks a loan that does not ask the Private credit, usually has debts that he wants to cover up. That is quite legitimate. Of course, the lack of a Private credit query makes it difficult to borrow.

In addition, the waiver of the query of Private credit does not automatically mean that the bank waived a decent credit rating with the borrower. Anyone who wants to borrow 7500 euros without Private credit must at least have a decent income. And if possible from a permanent position. Without the income, there will be no credit. Neither abroad, nor here in Germany.

It is also important to remember that debts should not be taken lightly. Once manifested in the affected person’s life, it becomes difficult to get rid of them. The 7500 euro loan without Private credit should therefore only be taken if it is really needed and helps to pay off the debts. Otherwise, the situation would only get worse. And this should not be the goal of the whole action.

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