Types of Loans


There are many types of loans. This is because those who come to a bank or finance company asking for credit can have the most disparate needs, can be in economic or social conditions that help them or prevent them from having easy access to credit. At the same time, regardless of this factor, there are specific forms of loan for activities carried out or for required guarantees. 


Loan with a fixed-term contract

Getting a loan when working with a fixed-term contract is not simple, the amounts that can be obtained are limited and often collateral guarantees are required. But something can be done … go to the article

Loan with ignition of mortgage on the car. Benefits and, above all, defects of a very rare form of credit
In the editorial office we often receive requests from users about the possibility and availability of personal loans obtained through the mortgage of a car. The reasons for this request are the need to find guarantees to obtain.

Loan on pledge

Loan on pledge

The loan on pawn is a form of financing for which the guarantee of payment is represented by an object of value (jewels, precious stones, watches). These are loans that are generally quite small but have … go to the article

Installment and duration of a 100,000 euro loan
Borrowing € 100,000 is only possible with very solid guarantees. These guarantees are mainly or the payslip showing, in addition to the income sufficient to pay the loan installment, the existence of a temporary work contract … go to the article

Installment and duration of a loan of 50,000 euros
A decidedly superior car but also a renovation of a property or the purchase of a camper for the holidays. All important expenses that can be made with a loan of 50,000 euros. For loans of this size are clearly.